Winter Policies

Uphill Travel:

• Uphill travel on CSB trails allowed during regular hours of operation with a visible, valid ticket or season pass. The Ski Patrol may designate specific routes.
• Spectators allowed to walk up on designated routes without tickets on race days only.
• During non-operating hours, and after Ski Patrollers are down at end of day, uphill and downhill travel is allowed, free of charge.
• All users required to stay off trails that are closed or with grooming or snowmaking operations; no uphill travel allowed while groomers are present on the mountain. If you see or encounter a groomer, you must immediately return down and exit the mountain for your safety and the safety of mountain staff.


• Everyone
needs a pass or ticket on his or her person to board the lift.

Allowed on lifts:
• Any type of skis, including Nordic, mono, tele, sit-skis, very short skis, or Snow Blades. If they have releasable bindings, they need ski brakes or leashes.
• Snow surfers, Snow skates, mountain surfers (snowboards without bindings) as long as they have a leash attached to the rider.
• Youth: No minimum age or height.  It is up to parents to decide when their child is able and allowed to ride alone safely.

NOT allowed on lifts:
• Bikes, ski bikes
• Skis or boards of any type without metal edges on the triple chairlift
• Skiers with single skis (unless they are accompanied by a race coach)
• Children in backpacks
Carpet Lift
Parents/guardians/ instructors must have valid ticket/ pass to go on hill above level of bottom of carpet
• Children under 6 get free tickets to the Carpet lift when they are accompanied by a parent who has purchased a ticket


• Dec. 1 through April 1, NO pets allowed on any alpine or Nordic ski terrain, including Kuller Trail, the lodge decks or immediate area around lodge.
• Dogs and other pets on leash allowed in the parking lot, in Tobogganville, the playing fields, and on Hosmer Brook Trail.
• This policy does not apply to service dogs

Ski Patrol

• Sweep: all persons on the trail must go down the hill ahead of patrol.
• After-hour users are free to use the trails after hill is swept.


• Due to safety concerns, Camden Snow Bowl prohibits the operation or use on or above its property of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the public — including model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists — without the PRIOR written authorization from the Camden Snow Bowl general manager.