Camden | Maine

February 5-6-7

Plans for the 2021 U.S. National Toboggan Championships are currently being reviewed, and a decision about whether we can safely hold the event has not yet been made. If it is possible to hold the event, event organizers will adhere to all Maine CDC recommendations and mandates, among others. We do not anticipate a decision before Dec. 15, and once made, we will publish it online here, on social media and other public venues.

2020 U.S. National Toboggan Championships Winners

 2-Person Division

1st: #19 – Twice Baked, 9.45, 9.45, 18.9

Jay McCrum, Christine Whitmore (Bridgewater, ME)

2nd: #74 – Two Wingnuts, 9.4, 9.52, 18.91

Jim Jefferson, Jon Mitchell (Searmont, ME)

3rd: #17 – Bolt 2, 9.45, 9.5, 18.95

Peter Soule, Douglas Kennedy, (Medway, MA)

3-Person Division

1st: #179 – Schooner Olad, 9.34, 9.39, 18.73

Joseph Drenski, Jason Lincoln, Mark Embury (Hope, ME)

2nd: #140 – Spudrunner 3, 9.36. 9.37, 18.73

Fred Whited, Ethan Birmingham, Darrell McCrum (Bridgewater, ME)

3rd: #141 – Deedles, 9.37, 9.38, 18.75

Dayna McCrum, Christine Whitmore, Ava Whited (Bridgewater, ME)

 4-Person Division

1st: #360 – Four Wingnuts, 9.21, 9.29, 18.50

Jim Jefferson, Graham McKay, Rob Stevens, Randy Whistler (Searsmont, ME)

2nd: #354 – Refit Misfits, 9.22, 9.28, 18.50

Jim Jefferson, Graham MacKay, Rob Stevens, Randy Whistler (Searsmont, ME)

3rd: #259 – Whiskey on Ice, 9.25, 9.27, 18.52

Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow, Ted Sealey, Joel Perry (Warren, ME)

Fastest Time Overall (qualifying runs)

#354 – Refit Misfits, 9.26

Jim Jefferson, Graham McKay, Rob Stevens, Randy Whistler (Searsmont, ME)

Fastest All-Females

#183 – Sue-personic, 9.28

Susan Milikon, Terri Campbell and Alexis Campbell (Lyman, ME)

Fastest Students

#340 – Greater Houlton Christian Academy, 9.44

Ava Whited, William Whited, Aby Duff, Teanne Ewings (Bridgewater, ME)

Best Crafted Toboggan

#280 – Pennsylvania State Champions

Linda Carangia and Al Twombly (Chalfont, PA)

Oldest Team

#4 – Frogs on a Log 2, Average age: 78.5

Pete Spencer-77 and  Chip Meury-80 (Bristol, ME)

Best Costume

1st: #253 – Shear Madness

Sarah Maxcy, Carrie Overlock, Amanda Overlock, Jessica Maxcy (Warren, ME)

2nd: #150 – Pandamonium

Vanessa Bemis, Violet Bemis, Tatyana Osterday (Stockton Springs, ME)

3rd: #218 – Straight Off the Couch

Karen Jimenez, Jennifer McKeon, Donna Gilchrist (So. Thomaston, ME)

Experimental Division

#420 – Magic Carpet Ride, 9.25, 9.2, 18.50

Dan Littlefield, Zeb Hills, Jeff Smith, Elliot Freeman (Belfast, ME)

Worlds  1st place, 4-Person, 1991-2019

(2018, 2019) Spudrunner 4, 9.33

Fred Whited, Ethan Birmingham, Ben Buckely, Zack Grass (Bridgewater, ME)

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