Registration for the
2020 U.S. National Toboggan Championships
is filling up fast!

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Download or pick up 2020 Team Registration form(2) – pick up the form at the Snow Bowl office or at the Camden Town Office,
• Mail or hand-deliver your team registration form(s) with payment to the Snow Bowl.
• Fax your team registration form(s) with credit card information to the Snow Bowl.
• Visit the WebShop, select your desired options and pay online. Be sure and include an email with your purchase. You will receive a Team Registration form via email, which must be completed and returned via email, fax, mail or in person by Jan. 31, 2019.
• Each racer on a team must complete the Individual Waiver form to race. To avoid a line on race day, return the completed, UNSIGNED Individual Waiver via email, fax, mail or in person by Jan. 31, 2019.

• Registration numbers are limited for each team division • Register early • Reserved parking is extremely limited • Request a space early • Purchase does not guarantee a space • If the lot is filled after you submit payment, you will be refunded and notified • Race organizers assign all spaces, first-come first-served •

Is Your Team in the Race Yet?

Maximum number of teams per division:
•   2-person — 125   •   3-Person — 125   •   4-Person — 150   •   Experimental — 20   •

Register now before we sell out of team slots!

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It’s time for the WORLDS!

Every five years we hold the Worlds. First place winners in the 4-person division going back 29 years are eligible to compete in the Worlds in 2020. This is a one-run, winner takes all race. Below is the list of eligible teams. An eligible team must include at least one original team member to compete in this race.

• 1991-The Nads • 1992-Knoxers • 1993-Throbbin Boggins • 1994-Big Kahoonas • 1995-Big Kahoonas •
• 1996 Kevorkian’s Alternatives • 1997-Slab City Sliders • 1998 Thrill Seeking Patriots • 1999 Beefy Boys •
• 2000-Head of the Boards • 2001-Quatro Dermis • 2002-Foul Wind • 2003-Vertically Inclined • 2004-Take No Prisoners •
• 2005-Big Kahoonas • 2006-Exit Strategy • 2007-Four Wingnuts • 2008-Four Wingnuts • 2009-Internal Bleeding •
• 2010-Redneck Racers • 2011-Four Wingnuts • 2012-Bull Hoss Fusilliers • 2013-Bull Hoss Fusilliers • 2014-Instigator •
• 2015- 4 Lo • 2016-The Dirigo Pups • 2017-Bolt 1 • 2018-Spudrunner 4 • 2019-Spudrunner 4 •

2019 U.S. National Toboggan Championships Winners

2-PERSON Division
1st Place
#31 BOLT 2 – 1st Run 9.46. 2nd 9.47 Final 18.93
Peter Soule, Bob LaFlamme
2nd Place
#78 BOLT 5 – 1st Run 9.47, 2nd 9.47 Final 18.94
William Shupert, Brian Steeger
3rd Place
#33 TWO WHISKEYS ON ICE – 1st Run 9.51, 2nd 9.52 Final 19.03
Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow

3-PERSON Division
1st Place
#142 SPLITTIN’ ADAMS – 1st Run 9.43, 2nd 9.48, Final 18.91
Adam Way, Adam Thurlow, Kevin Kempton
2nd Place
#147 WHISKEY ON ICE 3 – 1st Run 9.46, 2nd 9.48, Final 18.94
Ted Seeley, Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow
3rd Place
#167 FARM FRY OR DIE – 1st Run 9.45, 2nd 9.5, Final 18.95
Jay McCrum, Dana McCrum, Christine Whitmore

4-PERSON  Division
1st Place
#279 Spudrunner 4 – 1st Run 9.37, 2nd 9.41, Final 18.78
Fred Whited, Ethan Birmingham, Darrell McCrum, Zack Grass
2nd Place
#349 Bolt 4 – 1st Run 9.38, 2nd 9.45, Final 18.83
William Shupert, Bob LaFlamme, Brian Sieger, Doug Kennedy
3rd Place
#263 Bolt 1 – 1st Run 9.42, 2nd 9.42, Final 18.84
Peter Soule, Doug Kennedy, Dan Smith, Trey Shupert

2019 U.S. National Toboggan Championships Winners

#420 Magic Carpet Ride – 1st Run 9.31, 2nd 9.29, Final 18.60
Dan Littlefield, Zeb Hills, Jeff Smith, Eliot Freeman, Matt Ogier

#37 The return of the Deedles
Dayna McCrum, Phoebe Fleck

#243    Rogue Trolls 4
Amelia Lepow, Kayla Wright, Ava Markham, Lawless Desrochers

#85 Free Eddie 2
Chip Maury, Pete Spencer (Avg. age: 77.5)

#10 Bath Flyers 1
Kevin O’Sullivan, Laura O’Sullivan

1st Place
#110/305  Panic / Don’t Panic
Kristen Phillips, Maggie Kloby, Dave Mandy, Dennis Phillips
2nd Place
#270 Shear Madness
Sarah Maxcy, Carrie Overlock, Michelle Benner, Jessica Maxcy
3rd Place
#362 Ice Queenz
Annaliese Lafayette, Kimble Rawcliffe, Rylee Rawcliffe, Darby Rawcliffe