Nordic and AT Skiing • Fat Biking • Snowshoeing
(during the ski season)

The Snow Bowl is working with Coastal Mountains Land Trust and Mid-Coast NEMBA to provide a variety of winter experiences.

The Kuller Multi-use Loop Trail is 3 Km (2 miles) long. When conditions permit, there is a classic track and a skate lane, shared by fat bikes and snowshoes. The lower loop is steep and one-way. The Kuller Trail connects to the Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail and the Five Brooks Trail.

Access to Kuller Trail: Walk or ski up to the far left (south side) of the Carpet Lift/ Beginner Area from the Kiosk at the southeast corner of the parking lot, or at the toboggan chute.

Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail: At its most southeasterly point, the Kuller Trail connects to this 5 Km (3 mile) ungroomed loop on the preserve managed by the Coastal Mountains Land Trust. In turn, this connects to the Five Brooks Trail.

  • The Kuller Trail is not a beginner trail. It starts with a steep uphill climb, classified as “Black Diamond” or “Most Difficult.” The final section coming back down to the parking lot is also steep with sharp turns. The rest of the trail is less strenuous.
  • The Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail is generally moderate, but is ungroomed.
  • Although these trails are not patrolled, the Kuller Trail is periodically groomed, mostly mid-season when alpine trail snowmaking is finished, and you may encounter mechanized grooming equipment.
  • Be prepared to take care of yourself. Ski with a friend.
  • Construction, maintenance and grooming of these trails are done in collaboration with the Coastal Mountains Land Trust , MCNEMBA, and private landowners.
  • Please stay on the marked trail system and ski – ride – snowshoe in the direction indicated.
  • During operation hours, Nordic and AT skiers need a valid season pass or day ticket to use the Alpine area trails. Due to snowmaking and grooming work, alpine trail access is open only when the green flag is flying at the lodge entrance.
  • There are currently no trail fees for using the Nordic and snowshoe trails, however, donations toward the substantial costs of maintaining and grooming the trails are much appreciated!


  • Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail: also open to snowshoeing
  • Hosmer Brook Trail: a 2-mile “lollipop” loop accessed from the triple chair base. Go up the right tree line side of the  Spinnaker alpine trail, and then into the woods, following Hosmer Brook.
  • Snowshoers need a valid season pass or day ticket to use Alpine area trails, other than the approach to the Hosmer Brook Trail and the Kuller Trail. During normal Snow Bowl operating hours the Rental Shop has snowshoes for rent.


  • From Dec. 1 through March 31, pets are NOT ALLOWED inside the Snow Bowl lodge, on the deck or on any alpine trails or approaches, including Slipway. This applies to both operating and non-operating hours. Pets must be on leash in the Camden Snow Bowl parking lot, the toboggan chute and the Kuller Trail. Pets are allowed on the mountain April 1 through Nov. 30. PLEASE PICK UP ALL DOG “DIRT” (bags are available at the kiosk) and DISPOSE OF PROPERLY.
  • Pets are not allowed per above, regardless of whether there is snow on the ground.
  • Pets are only allowed (on a leash): while hiking or snowshoeing on the Kuller Trail, in the toboggan chute area, on the playing fields around the base area, on Hosmer Pond, and in the parking lots.

• Download Printable pdf Winter Map