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Save the date: Feb. 7-9, 2020 — 30th annual!

The Camden Snow Bowl is closed for the season.
Thank you to everyone who came out to ski, snowboard, toboggan, eat, drink, people-watch, spectate and compete.
It was a great winter season!

Sleeping Beauties: Hattie Moss, Lea Zwecker and Piper Urey (8.11 seconds)

Annual Cardboard Box Derby

The base of Half Hitch trail at the Camden Snow Bowl was the place to be St. Patrick’s Day, when competitors first took to the slopes to race in cardboard box creations, and later skimmed across a 45-foot-long pond.

Forty-three cardboard boxes were registered to race Sunday, March 17. They were made to look like unicorns and police cars, viking ships and a Girl Scout Cookie box, a narwhal and an airplane. The winner for the best crafted was the Lego Clause box, complete with Rudolph, Santa Claus (Wyatt Heal, 11) and lots of festively wrapped gifts. Lego Clause finished the race with a time of 1.178 seconds, traveling down the majority of the course and crossing the finish line — backwards!

Winner of the best costume was the Wrath of Njord, a ship filled with gnarly vikings. Armed with Norse Viking shields and axes, the Njords plowed down the race course, five strong. The Vikings were Shane Carson (10), Luke Littlefield (11), Tom Littlefield (14), Noah Allen (13) and Ben Allen (12). Their time across the finish line was 7.67 seconds.

The award for Most in a Box went to The Gnome Mobile. Inside the box were a staggering nine gnomes, including Heidi O’Donnell (46), Sophia Vallee (13), Katie Cunningham (32), Feya Hurlburt (12), Sara Ackley (12), Anna Weber (12), Taylor Clayton (12), Eliza Nickelson (12) and Rita Ackley (44).

The jam packed Gnome Mobile turned in a respectable time of 8.45 seconds.

The fastest box was Magic Carpet Ride, with Dan Littlefield (51) and Max Ogier (12) cruising down with a blistering time of 6.09 seconds. Box #1, the Janky Jerry’s, with Emmett Dorr (13) and Finn Urey (14) riding inside. Their box finished with a time of 6.67 seconds.

The third fastest box was Master of Speed. Amos Winters (6) and Kurt Winters (39) rode their box to a finish of 6.74 seconds.

The 7th annual Cardboard Box Derby went off without a hitch, with the some of the boxes whizzing down the course, some of them crashing and rolling, and some that did not make it but a few feet before stalling out. Most of the duct taped-laden boxes stayed together while they raced, a handful fell apart.  And everybody crossed the finish line, be it riding inside their boxes or dragging their boxes across on foot. Laughter and smiles filled the course, and surrounded it as well.

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Splashes galore at the LOLH2O Pond Skim

Following this year’s Cardboard Box Derby, there was just an hour for everybody to grab a bite to eat from the Big T Snack Shack, which was also grilling outside. And then it was time for the first-ever at the Snow Bowl — the LOLH2O Pond Skim.

Planning for the pond skim started soon after the 29th running of the U.S. National Toboggan Championships wrapped up earlier in February. With the generous donation of a 20mil thick pool liner measuring 20-feet by 60-feet, from Journey’s End Marina in Rockland, the Snow Bowl’s mountain crew set about digging a pond through the snow and ice at the base of the Half Hitch Trail.

The work crew of Tom Beauregard, on chainsaw, and Mike Bonney and Kerry Collin set to work as soon as the mountain closed for skiing Saturday afternoon, March 19. They worked into the night, finally finishing digging the hole around 8:30 p.m. They were assisted in their efforts by Ned Kiley on the groomer, which pushed large amounts of snow from inside the measured edges Beauregard, Bonney and Collin dug out by hand.

Bonney was back on the mountain at 5 a.m. Sunday to get the chairlifts running, which allowed him time to rejoin the others at the pond hole and help finish it. With the black plastic pool liner, which cost many hundreds of dollars, in place it was ready for the arrival of firefighters Andrew Lowe and Clint Beveridge and a Camden Fire Engine to help move water from Hosmer Pond into the newly dubbed “Little Hosmer Pond.”

By the time registration had closed, 48 community members and two Snow Bowl staff members were signed up to skim across the hand -crafted pond.

Eleven-year-old Charlie Nicolet was the first competitor to successfully cross the pond without ending up in the drink. For those competitors who did make a splash and take a swim, Snow Bowl snowmaker Owen Dorr used his beaver wrangling skills to get them safely to shore.

After each competitor had taken a first run, several took opportunities for additional attempts to finally successfully cross, or cross again and again.

When the competitors had had enough fun, Bonney, Beauregard and announcer Sam Conlan gathered in the lodge and conferred about who put on the best shows. Comparing sizes of splash and elements of style, they three emerged from their discussion with a list of winners.

The Best Costume award went to Owen Berez (14), who wore a chicken costume with swim floaties on each of his wings.

Best 14 and Under Overall Skim went to Charlie Nicolet (11), Best Female Overall Skim went to snowboarder Adelaide “Addie” Kelly (13) and Best Male Overall Skim went to Simon Fedarko (17).

In the “splash” category, Hayden O’Connell (15) won the Biggest Splash award for his “ double projectile belly flop.” In the final category, which was open to the judge’s choice, Jasper Hackett (11) won the Judges’ Award for his “epic sacrifice dive,” according to judge Conlan.

There is no doubt that the Cardboard Box Derby will return next March. And with such a popular and successful pond skim, LOLH2O will definitely is coming back in 2020, with a full 60-foot-long course and more sponsors for bigger and better prizes for more brave skimmers and box builders.

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A huge “thank you” to Glen and Kimberly Plake for visiting with us and our community of skiers and riders. Safe travels on your next adventure, and we look forward to a return visit in the near future! #glenplake

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Snow Bowl Season Pass holders can enjoy half priced tickets through Dec. 24, 2018, and from March 24, 2019 to the end of the season.


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Sidecountry Sports’ Trailside is located next to the Camden Snow Bowl, 20 Barnestown Road.


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Just 90 minutes north of Portland is one of Maine’s skiing gems. The Camden Snow Bowl has 20 runs, a 4,000-foot triple lift, snowmaking on more than 80 percent of the mountainnight skiing, and ski instructors that moonlight as schooner captains. It is the only ski destination on the East Coast with stunning views of the ocean. The Snow Bowl is also inexpensive: adult day passes are as low as $33. And when your ski day is over, enjoy Midcoast Maine’s award-winning restaurants, scenic harbor views, and vibrant art scene. The municipally-owned Snow Bowl is fun for the whole family, on and off the mountain.
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