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The Only East Coast Ski Destination With Ocean Views!

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That Real Small-Town-Maine Feel.

Way More Than Skiing …

Expansive Mountain Vistas, Idyllic Harbors, Charming Inns, Award-Winning Restaurants.

Home of the U.S. National Toboggan Championships
Save the date: Feb. 7-9, 2020 — 30th annual!








We are open all next week, during February Vacation,
through Sunday, Feb. 24.
Hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Camden Resident Appreciation Day will be honored on Wednesday, Feb. 20, when Camden residents with proof of address (driver’s license, utility bill, tax bill) can ski for free. Go to the Snow Bowl office for a voucher.

Zoom down the ice-filled toboggan chute and slide across frozen Hosmer Pond for an awesomely fun ride…

The Jack Williams Toboggan Chute is open today, until 4 p.m., and DAILY during February Vacation week.

Cost is $5/hour/person, and we provide the toboggans!

Thank you to all of the teams that competed in the 29th annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships. To view the list of winners, and times for all Qualifying and Finals runs, click here.

The 2019 teams included: #Up For Whatever #2; #Up For Whatever; 2 Fast; 2 Lumber Jills 2 Go; 2 Moody; 2 Slab City Sliders; 2 Whiskey’s On Ice; 3 Handsome Men; 3 Oyster Chuters; 3 Slab City Sliders; 42 to 45 – The White House Slide; 7 Stitch Road; Abominable Snow Fam; Absolute Zeros; Ain’t Nothing But a Wing Thing; All Downhill From Here; All Kind of Unstoppable; Allen Insurance and Financial; Altantic Engine Co. No. 1; Assault and Peppas; Auld Bahoochie Skyte; Bad Ash; Bath Destroyers; Bath Flyers I; Bath Flyers II; Bath Ship Crazy; Battle Rattle; Beavis and Buttsled; Bethany Bombers; Better Halves; Bilbo’s Boggans; Black Bears and Cold Beers; Blacksteps RVA; Blue Barracuda; Blue Thunder; Bob’s Sled; Bolt 1; Bolt 2; Bolt 3; Bolt 4; Bolt 5; Bonkers; Bowerbank Varsity Sledding; Brews ‘N Noggin I; Brews ‘N Noggin II; Broadreach Public Relations; Brothers From Another Mother; BRRRagging Rights; Buckle Up Baby; Bull Hoss Fusiliers; Bumble Bee Jack; Bum’s Rush; Burrit-here-we-go; Buzzard’s Glory; Cancer Sucks; Cape Racers; Cedar Speeders; CFCaesars; Champagne O’ Maine; Chilly Willy; Chisel; Chocolate Rain; Chute for the Bars; Chute for the Stars; Chute Me Now; Chute That’s Fast; Chute That’s Fast II; Chute This is Fast!; Chutebusters; Chutes That Matters; Clean Sleight; Cluck Buddies; Cold Play; Cool Name Pending; Couch to Five Sleigh; Cruisin for a Bruisin; Deaf Lefties; Deal Sleds; Death From Above; Deer Isle Smile; Defenders of the Wood; Delaware Dirtbags; Deplorables; Derry Airs ; Derry Airs Three; Dirigo Pups; Dodge Mountain Flyers; Don’t Panic; Downward Dogsled; DQ Blizzard Babes; Drinking Team with a Toboggan Problem; Duck Rabbit Runners; Eat More Kale; Eat More Salad; Eat My Chute; Eleanor Gone In Eight Seconds; Fanilows; Farm Fry or Die; Fat Bloated Idiots; Finheads; First Lady; First National Bank – Bruised Ash; First National Bank – Ice Scream; First National Bank – Nadeau’s Savage Day; First National Bank – The Moo Crew; Floggin’ My Toboggan 1; Floggin’ My Toboggan 2; Fool On The Hill; Four Campbells; Four Crusaders; Four Lokos; Four Wingnuts; Fourever Young; Free Eddie 2; Free Eddie 3; Free Eddie 4; Frost Heaves; Frosty’s Getaway; Frozen Assets; FUJIMO!; Funkadelic Flamingo Flyers 1; Funkadelic Flamingo Flyers 2; Fuuuudge; Gnome Fear 1; Gnome Fear 2; Goes Down Easy; Gone Fishin; Government Chutedown; Green Monkeys; Greenport; Guinea Pigs; Hair of the Dog; Half Whits; Hammersled Sharks; Hard & Fast I; Hard & Fast II; Hard & Fast III; Hardwood Hematoma; Harlem Shuffle; Hell Freezes Over; Hell Gets a Bit Nippy; Hell Gets a Frost Advisory; Hold My Beer; Hot Ruddered Bums; Hoth Pirates; Hurricane Athletic League; I Don’t Know’s on Third (Bowdoin Softball 3); I Thought This Was the Chili Contest; Ice Gliders; Ice Queenz; Ice-Tro; Instigator; It’s All Down Here From Here; It’s All Downhill From Here; Jugettes; Jugheads x2; Jugheads x3; Jugheads x4; Juke Box; Junior skeeters; Just Do It; Just for Funzies; Juul Runnings; Keep the Slide Alive – Lincoln Academy; Kelly’s Hero; Kentucky “Street” Derby; Kidz Are Cool!; Kings of the Hill; Knights of Ni; Knucklesleds; Laid Back Ladies; Le Krum Gis; Lil Deuce Coupe; Live Free & Slide; Local Yokels; Los Pollos Hermanos – Lincoln Academy; LSD Lower Slower DE; Lucky Motherfoxes; Luge Brothers; Luke’s Lobster; Magic Carpet Ride; Mainely Transplants; Maine’s World; Manchaug Chuggers; Marianapolis Prom Queens; Maxcy Pad; Memphis King Pins; Middle Earth; Mighty Righties; Millinocket Rocket; Mixers; Mom, Dad and the result of a One-Armed Amish man; Moon Fast Moon Furious; Mr. Phuzzy’s Sleigh Ride; Mums the Word; Murphy’s Law; NamaSleigh; Nap Time; Need New Name; Never Sleigh Never; Nip Slips; No Viagra Needed 1; No Viagra Needed 2; No Viagra Needed 3; No Viagra Needed 4; Nog n’ boggan; Not All There;

Not Fast Just Furious; Not So Flexible Flyers; NOVA (Oceanside H.S.); Nubble Trouble; OK, Goodbye; Old Fashion; Orange Iguanas; Ostrobogulennes; Other Two Big Kahoonas; Over the Hill and Down the Hill; P.S. Massive; Panic; Panther’s Revenge; Papa and the Kids; Play It By Ear; Precipitous Market Decline; Puddle Dockers; PUPsinds; Purple Parrots; QU Beer Cats; R and R; Raggi’s Tooth; Raise a Flask to Sliding on Ash; Rebel Rebel; RECKAG; Red Jaguars; Redneck Rocket; Rednecks on Ice; Refit Misfits; Rhapsody In Chute; Rockport Fire I; Rockport Fire II; Rocky Balboggan; Rogue Trolls 2; Rogue Trolls 3; Rogue Trolls 4; Rollies; Rugged’s Riders; Ruth Bader Tobogginsburg; Salad Days; Sanka’s Revenge; Sassafras Candy; Schooner Olad; Screamin’ Mimis; Send It; Served on Ice; Shear Madness; Shear Madness 2; Shear Madness 3; Shrine Time; Shrine Time II; Silver Snakes; Six Chuters; Skeeters; Skeeters III; SKOL; Skulls of Illumination; Slab City Sliders; Sled Dead Redemption; Sled Man Walking; Sleds of Justice 1; Sleds of Justice 2; Sleducators; Sleighforce 1; Sleighman Yawn; Slippery Giggles; Slushy AF; Smoky Mountaineery; Snow White and the Four Dorks; Snowrida; Sofa King Fast; Sokwajiweg 1; Sokwajiweg 2; Sokwajiweg 3; Sokwajiweg 4; Sokwajiweg 5; Soup Con de Plunder; Space Hogs; Speedelini Tortellini; Splittin’ Adams; Spruce Goose; Spudrunner 2; Spudrunner 3; Spudrunner 4; Stockton Harbor Sailing Center; Straight Off the Couch; Straight Off the Couch; Sue-personic; Sugar Shack Chuters; Sundays Questionable; Support Our Chutes; Surry TBD-1; Tabor Forge Flyers I; Tabor Forge Flyers II; TBD; Team Benson; Team Eliza Jane; The Bad Habits; The Beavers; The Big Kahoonas; The Bilge Bunch; The ‘Boggan from the ‘Scoggin; The Buffalo Spills; The Business Slide; The Clustertuck; The Dude Slides; The Falling Athletes; The Flying Moose Knuckles; The Flying Nerds; The Flying Squirrels; The Flying Welshman; The Foam Heads; The Four Ashwipes; The Free Nasons; The Grafters; The Great Salt Bay Pearls; The In-SLED-ibles; The Mary Queen Grill Chill Thrill & Spill; The MILBs; The Old Goats; The Other Sticky Bandits; The Pour Farmers; The Return of Deedles; The Snow Chains; The Sticky Bandits; The Sticky Wall Bandits; The Swazie Express; The Team To Be Named Later; The Victor; The Wood Boogers; Three Big Kahoonas; Three Campbells; Three Crusaders; Three Generations; Three Generations of Hanscom; Three Men in Tutus; Three More Six Chuters; Three Pounds; Throbbin Boggans; Throbbin’ Boggans 2; Throbbin’ Boggans 3; Tight Buts Sweaty Nuts; Tillson Avenue Bombers; Timbercliff Express; Tobacus; Toboggahue; Toboquinns; Tolland Terrors Dilly Dilly; Top Greer; Tremendous Tobogganers; Trouble’s A-Bruin; Tuckaroos; Two B Determined; Two Big Kahoonas; Two Campbells; Two Crusaders; Two Golfers; Two Guys – Lincoln Academy; Two Pounds; Two Tough Cookies; Two Wingnuts; Unchained Dragons; UNI; Uni Toe Camel Tard; Upland Flyers; Valley Kingdom Babes; Valley Kingdom Chuters; Veazie Vikings; Voetsek; Walpole Warriors; Waterboarders; Waterford Warriors; Wax That Ash; We May Chute Our Pants; We Need Healing – Lincoln Academy; We Will Destroy You and Burn Your Village; Weekend at Ewie’s; What A Korkers; What’s on Second (Bowdoing Softball 2); Where’s Ewie; Whiskey On Ice; Whiskey On Ice 3; Whiskey On Ice 4; Whiskey Toboggan Foxtrot; Who’s on First (Bowdoin Softball 1); Who’s the Boss; Woodland Cree; WOW – Lincoln Academy; Yahtzee; You Win Some, You Luge Some; ZCT.





A huge “thank you” to Glen and Kimberly Plake for visiting with us and our community of skiers and riders. Safe travels on your next adventure, and we look forward to a return visit in the near future! #glenplake

Snow Bowl Season Pass holders can enjoy half priced lift tickets through Dec. 24, 2018, and from March 17, 2019 to the end of the season.


Titcomb Mountain is offering half priced day tickets on all operating days when you show your Camden Snow Bowl season pass.


Snow Bowl Season Pass holders can enjoy half priced tickets through Dec. 24, 2018, and from March 24, 2019 to the end of the season.


Black Mountain is offering half price day tickets on all operating days when you show your Camden Snow Bowl season pass.


Shawnee Peak is offering half priced tickets all season long, on all operating days, when you show your Camden Snow Bowl season pass.


Lost Valley is offering half priced day tickets on all operating days when you show your Camden Snow Bowl season pass.


Bigrock Mountain is offering half priced day tickets on all operating days when you show your Camden Snow Bowl season pass.


For Camden Snow Bowl season pass holders, Mt. Abram is offering an additional $10 off All Mountain Full Day Lift Tickets on all operating days. Ages 5 and 80+ ski free.


Sidecountry Sports’ Trailside is located next to the Camden Snow Bowl, 20 Barnestown Road.

Fly with us…

Watch video taken from a drone as it glides up Ragged Mountain and back down again, capturing the triple chairlift side of trails and the double chairlift side of trails. Then, beat feet to the Snow Bowl and come skiing with us!

• Snow Bowl – Trail Tour I

• Snow Bowl – Trail Tour II

Just 90 minutes north of Portland is one of Maine’s skiing gems. The Camden Snow Bowl has 20 runs, a 4,000-foot triple lift, snowmaking on more than 80 percent of the mountainnight skiing, and ski instructors that moonlight as schooner captains. It is the only ski destination on the East Coast with stunning views of the ocean. The Snow Bowl is also inexpensive: adult day passes are as low as $33. And when your ski day is over, enjoy Midcoast Maine’s award-winning restaurants, scenic harbor views, and vibrant art scene. The municipally-owned Snow Bowl is fun for the whole family, on and off the mountain.

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