C.S.B. Parks

The terrain parks at the Camden Snow Bowl have been hailed as some of the best terrain parks at a small mountain in the East. We have Park Rangers working on them who will not tolerate any less. When the mountain is fully operational the main park has anywhere from 15- 30 elements including short boxes, long boxes, waterfall rails, a dance floor, corrugated pipe, bonks, torpedoes, etc. We also have some serious jumps. The Skipjack Park is for smaller or newer skiers and riders.

Our Terrain Park crew is made up of folks who actually use the park – skiers and riders who are committed to design, construction and regular maintenance provide a high quality freestyle experience. There is a member of the park crew on duty just about whenever the park is open. He or she not only maintains the elements, but also helps ensure a positive environment to ski and ride in. Check us out ~ we don’t think you will be disappointed!