Redevelopment photos



MAY:  This week the loggers have resumed widening Northeaster, but are waiting to skid the trees down until the ground dries out some more. Ski Lifts Unlimited, working with our own crew, has begun taking down the Big T lift towers and removing the drive. It had to come out from the top and so the building around it is coming down too. We’ve had a lot of help from public works and their backhoe. Today Tracey is working on digging out the base for tower 1 on the chairlift. We like to think we are also creating good terrain for the Run For Your Life race that happens Saturday.

Opening up Big T building

Tommy getting positioned to remove sheave assemb

Tower 1 being moved for 2nd time in its life

Tracey looking for the bottom of tower 1 base

Hall Rope

WEEK of 5th:  This week the crew is both doing spring cleaning at parks and beaches and preparing the lift towers on all 3 lifts for removal. We have mounted 2 different types of fixtures and bulbs for trail lighting for testing.

Next week the haul rope on the chair will be cut and spooled up. This means taking the 30,000 lbs of counter weight off the haul rope, cutting it, and (carefully) lowering the counter weight. Then pulling the 6,000 foot, 16,000 lbs rope onto a mechanical spooler.

We also expect that the ground will be dry enough for the logging operation to resume.

1.5 miles of Big T cable    


Cutting power to Big T


Widening Northeaster

Loosening bolts on chair towers

Testing new trail lights


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