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2016/17 Freestyle Description

Basic overview:

Whether your goal is to better your skills in the terrain park, in the trees, compete in freestyle competitions or you are a newcomer, the freestyle program at the Camden Snow Bowl will give you the skills to succeed. The new freestyle program will teach athletes the tools to progress their skiing all over the mountain. Coaches will teach athletes aspects of slopestyle, freeride, moguls and necessary fundamental skills throughout the season. The program will focus on teaching athletes park etiquette, learning tricks through progression and the skills needed to be a well-rounded skier. It is our goal in the freestyle program to work with each individual athlete to focus in the areas of skiing he or she wishes to pursue in freestyle skiing as part of an exciting new team.

In Depth:

The discipline of freestyle skiing includes every aspect of the sport all rolled into one. The disciplines that fall under the “Freestyle” umbrella include slopestyle, moguls, aerials, and freeskiing (big mountain/freeride). Each of these disciplines is very different in practice but all center around a solid foundation in the fundamentals of technical skiing, balance, control and air awareness. During the course of the season the Snow Bowl Freestyle Team will be geared towards focusing on each individual athletes goals for the season, along with broadening their skills across the mountain. Coaches will focus on teaching necessary freestyle fundamentals to every athlete, especially in the younger age groups. Whether you want to focus on slopestyle, freeride or mogul skiing as an individual the Camden Snow Bowl Freestyle program will be a fun way to reach your skiing goals. Alongside the coaching staff athletes will all be working together to progress their skiing as a team. Skiing is inherently an individual sport but the freestyle program is also a team, working together to support, help and push each other to have a fun and productive season. Working through a progression based training athletes will learn the necessary skills and technique step by step so that both the athlete and coach are confident that they have the tools to learn that next big trick! Because freestyle skiing is an inherently dangerous sport learning through progression helps athletes learn new tricks safely and confidently. Our goal is to help each member of the freestyle team take their skiing to the next level, have fun and be a part of the fun freestyle atmosphere.

For athletes who want to get a taste of the fun and excitement of competitive freestyle the team will be hosting some friendly in house slopestyle competitions. We will space these competitions out in the second half of the season and will be an optional aspect of the program. If any athletes show an interest in being competitive in freestyle during the course of the season or want to pursue training for competition next year we can make that a reality. If there is enough interest from the team at the end of the season we will shoot to host an open format slopestyle competition and invite other programs and schools around the state to come compete at the Camden Snow Bowl!

  The Camden Snow Bowl Freestyle program has teamed up with Sidecountry Sports in Rockland to help athletes and their families with the costs of equipment. Because some kids in the program may be switching over from other skiing disciplines or may not have the necessary equipment we have outlined the recommended gear needed for the program, all of which is available at Sidecountry sports. Discounts on equipment will be available for members of the team at the shop and we are also working to put together package deals for athletes who need a whole new equipment setup for freestyle to keep the costs of new equipment low.

More details on program times and cost coming soon!

Big air circa 1969

Big air circa 1969

Our coaches

Nolan Sullivan: Nolan’s skiing career began at the age of six when he first got the chance to click into a pair of skis at Sunday River in Bethel, Maine. From this point on, he was hooked. He skied whenever he got the chance and eventually in high school, he and friends started an alpine racing team.  This gave him discipline and experience, but by the end of high school Nolan realized that his passion lay in freestyle skiing. He moved to Montana and skied there for three years, perfecting his freeride/freestyle and competing in different events. For the next three years he was sponsored by a Maine based energy drink and traveled all over the State promoting the product. In 2013, this lead to the opportunity to go with their ski and snowboard team to Alaska, where they made a short film called “Take ME to AK”.  Needless to say, this experience was both amazing and humbling. Upon his return to Maine, Nolan took a coaching position with the Gould Academy Competition Program. There he learned the ins and outs of coaching all aspects of freestyle: coaching athletes in moguls, slope-style, and big mountain skiing. He was soon given the chance to coach the B-level athletes and followed then through a successful season. He now looks forward to offer new athletes the guidance and knowledge he has acquired and feels he can really help them progress through the sport. 

Jessie Tobias:  Jessie started skiing at age 8 when her parents decided to give the ski life a shot. Her family quickly became addicted to skiing, spending every weekend and vacations at Sunday River. She started off on the Sunday River Race Team but soon realized moguls and aerials were her passion. At age 10 she switched to the freestyle team.  At 14 Jessie and a few teammates started the Gould Sunday River Freestyle Team. Her parents soon moved to Bethel so that Jessie and her siblings could attend Gould Academy. She competed at a National level in moguls and aerial spending summers training at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid for inverted aerials, and at Blackcomb British Colombia for moguls. At 18 Jessie moved to Steamboat Springs to train full time in moguls. There she met her husband (a snowboarder) and a few injuries later they moved back to the east coast. Jessie is very excited to be part of the new Freestyle team here at the Snow Bowl. She can’t wait to spread her love of all mountain skiing with the younger generation including her two children Ava and Luke.

Scott McPherson: Scott started skiing when he was 11 at Hermon Mountain.  From that day on he saved every penny he earned and went skiing every chance he had.  His two favorite mountains were Sunday River and Sugarloaf.  Every weekend and every vacation during the winter he would travel to ski.  On a snowy December day in 1991, while at Sugarloaf, he tried snowboarding for the first time.  That was the day “he started to live” as quoted by Nillard Pilavakas-Davoren (Maine Ski Hall of Fame member).  Soon after his skis were in the shop for sale and he has never looked back. In 1992 (after college), Scott started coaching snowboarding at Sugarloaf, then at Aspen/Snowmass and eventually here, at the Camden Snow Bowl where he moved to start a family.  Since, Scott has created and participated in snowboarding and surfing programs that benefit youth of all ages and abilities.  He very much looks forward to sharing his passion with new athletes and is thrilled that his daughter also loves being on snow.