Volunteers at Work

The location of the site had been determined by March of 1936. Volunteer labor began on weekends, as most of the volunteers either worked or were in school during the week. Progress took place as follows: On Sept. 27, the first lumber was landed on the shore of Hosmer's Pond; by the third Sunday (or third day of work, as most of it was done on Sundays), the lodge house was started; the fourth weekend the new lodge really took shape, being nearly boarded in and the roof partially done. Some 60,000 feet of stringers, sills, rafters, plate posts and roofing were all floated across the pond.

Volunteers grew in number each week, reaching a peak of 150, with wives and girlfriends cooking many of the tasty meals for the happy but hungry workers. By November, water to mix the cement used for building the lodge fireplaces was dipped from a hole in the ice. A Camden yard constructed the toboggan chute in 12-foot lengths, and 23 men carried them up the slope, one at a time. That winter was cold and icy, without much snow. There the toboggan ride was a thriller!

A group of workers from Rockport took on the task of constructing a building for the skate house. They completed it three weeks later, and decided to call it "Hotel Rockport."

The Snow Bowl property was deeded to the Town of Camden free and clear, thus making it possible for the town to receive a W.P.A. project of building a road to the lodge house. Also the W.P.A. furnished 75 men togroom the ski slopes and some trails.

The lodge house, a rustic beauty, totaled 80 feet long, with huge granite fireplaces at each end of the main room, which measured 40 feet long by 26 feet wide, paneled in antique finish. There were seven footpine tables and benches with wrought iron hardware. At one end of the lodge was a kitchen and at the other end a locker and equipment room.

Nearly all of the material was donated as well as the labor, and 20 businessmen signed two notes for $1,000 each for the early stages of development. Once again they signed a note for $900 to purchase the property.

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