1977 In November the selectman voted to submit a 10 year lease of the Snow Bowl to the Camden Outing Club.

In January of 1981 the Samoset Resort proposed joining forces with the Snow Bowl in hopes that more snow would lure more business to the area in the winter. In March the Camden Outing Club told the selectmen that they would be unable to make the bond payment that was due on May 1st. In May, a Colorado investor by the name of John Finn expressed interest in leasing the area and operating the Snow Bowl. In August, the selectmen voted to terminate the Outing Club's lease of the Snow Bowl facility. This ended the Camden Outing Club after a history of 55 years and thousands of hours of volunteer labor. By the end of September, a deal with a Mr. John Finn for the development of the Snow Bowl fell through.

Just as it looked like the Snow Bowl was going to be closed for the winter, the Samoset Resort came forward with a proposal. In October an agreement was reached . The Samoset would operate the facility for a year. The Snow Bowl opened for the winter and the season went well and an extended lease agreement was in the works.

In 1982 a one year management agreement was reached with the Samoset Resort.

In 1984 new owner of the Samoset Resort met with town officials on June 28th to assure them their commitment to keep the Snow Bowl open still stood. In August the town of Camden was informed that the resort was not interested in operating the Snow Bowl. The previous season showed a net loss of over $55,000.

In September Mr. Legare was appointed as manager of the Snow Bowl for the coming season.

Tom Mckearney returned to manage the Snow Bowl for the 1985-6 season.

In 1985-86 it was decided to expand the Camden Recreation Committee to include the baseball and softball leagues, as well as YMCA and school activities. and to bring the Snow Bowl under the auspices of the new proposed committee. It would also include town facilities such as Shirttail Point, Laite Beach, Barrett's Cove, the Village Green, Bog Bridge and the Snow Bowl ball field. July saw the starting construction on the new communications tower on Ragged Mountain.

In 1990 Jack Williams suggested rebuilding the toboggan chute and headed up the project It was begun the second week of September. The chute was finished on January 5th of 1991. On the 19th of January it was named the Jack R. Williams Chute in a dedication ceremony held at the toboggan area. On February 24th , 1991 the first U.S. National Toboggan Championships was held at the Snow Bowl. Since that time, the "Nationals" has grown to an event which hosts 300 teams from around the country, and has attracted national media attention. The Nationals Committee is a volunteer group who have organized and run the event for the last several years, and who are largely responsible for making the event so successful.

During the summer Chip Taylor was appointed to replace Ken Bailey as director of the Parks and Recreation Department. The Snow Bowl has added snowmaking to Mussel Ridge, and replaced snow guns with modern efficient guns which make a lot more snow. The Snow Bowl now has 2 relatively modern Pisten Bulley grooming machines which run tillers, capable of turning most any kind of snow into a very skiable surface. With recent weather trends, snowmaking and grooming have become a necessary part of the winter operation. The chairlift has been undergoing an upgrade path for several years, which will provide a variable speed drive within the next year, making the lift much more user friendly and prolonging the life of the lift. Snowboarding has become an integral part of the winter operation, and a Snowboard Park will be developed.

The Ragged Mountain Recreation Foundation was formed, to provide an endowment designed to help make the Snow Bowl financially self sufficient, and provide improvements which enhance the overall winter recreation opportunities. They funded the development of a Tubing Hill, snowmaking improvements, a warming hut for skaters, and work on the Toboggan Chute. Future projects may include a lodge expansion, making the facility more attractive for meetings and receptions, and improve the year round income capability of the whole Ragged Mt. Recreation Area.

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