8:20 AM        
IMPORTANT INFO:   Sally Deaver Citizen Super G Race is today! This is a top to bottom race and

the course will be closed ot the public until mid-afternoon. Reduced ticket

prices are being offered: Adult $29 full/$20 half. Student $22 full/$15 half.

This is a GREAT spectator event to come and watch!

SPECIAL EVENTS:   Cardboard Box Derby on Sun. 3/6.  
WEATHER: Click Here for the local report from NOAA  
SURFACE CONDITIONS:   Machine groomed and variable snow conditions.  
GROOMING OVERNIGHT:   Slipway, Foxy, Coaster, Clipper, Windjammer, Upper Northeaster, Mussel Ridge and Half-hitch.  
LIFTS OPEN:   Triple Chair, Double Chair, Beginner Carpet Lift.  
ALPINE TRAILS OPEN:   Slipway, Foxy, Coaster, Clipper, Windjammer, and Upper Northeaster. Mussel Ridge and half-hitch will be closed until after the race is over mid-afternoon.  
TERRAIN PARKS:   Park on Windjammer w/ one jump, three rails, and a quarter pipe.  
TOBOGGAN CHUTE:   Closed for the season.  
HOSMER POND:   Use at your own risk.  
HOSMER BROOK TRAIL:   Open with natural conditions.  
KULLER MULT-IUSE TRAIL:   Thin coverage.  
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:   We have survived the wind, rain and warm temps!