Several committees have been formed to managethe planning and fundraising efforts for the redevelopment of the Ragged Mountain Recreation Area. To date these include:
1) The Camden Parks and Recreation Committee oversees all aspects of the Parks and Recreation Department including operation of the Camden Snow Bowl. They delegated oversight of the redevelopment project to #2 below.
2) The Ragged Mountain Recreation Area Redevelopment Committee oversees the entire project.
3) The Building Committee oversees planning and design for the lodge, roadway and parking area.
4) The Land Use Committee oversees planning for everything at the site except the lodge, roadway and parking area.
5) The Capital Campaign Committee is a subcommittee of the Ragged Mountain Recreation Area Foundation that is responsible for the private fundraising for the redevelopment project. Underneath the CCC are committees focused on: Leadership Gifts, Major Donors, Business Gifts, Community Gifts, Grants, Fundraising Events, Communications and PR.
For more information on the membership of these committees contact the Parks and Recreation office 236-3438.

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